veg*n cheesesteaks in philly


as featured in carolyn wyman’s “the great philadelphia cheesesteak book

remember when gianna’s was the only vegan cheesesteak game in town?  that gg special. damn.
then they lied about their vegan pizza cheese being vegan. such controversy.
looking back, that sandwich was what, crumbled tvp? seriously garbage and we loved it.
but now you have dozens of delicious options all over the city. enjoy.

please keep in mind that i haven’t tried all of these, some of the bread probably isn’t vegan.
if you can help clarify any details on the listing below please let me know! i’m hoping to update with more details. thanks

since 11.01.07, updated 03.27.21

the abbaye
637 n. third st., 215-627-6711
delicious vegan cheesesteak, bigger chunks of seitan, they offer daiya vegan cheese and veganaise. definitely a must try if you’re in the neighborhood.

american sardine bar
1800 federal
the “vegan wizwit” has vegan cheese and is on a vegan roll.
 sadly no more cheesesteak.
looks pretty great 
replaced with a vegan cauliburger

basic four vegetarian snack* CLOSED
reading terminal market, 11th and arch
vegadelphia meat but with soy cheese and mayo it makes a great sandwich. they’ve got a fantastic vegan reuben too.

blackbird pizzeria
507 s 6th st – in gianna’s old location(for you old school vegans)
thin sliced seitan, homemade vegan cheese whiz on a great roll. i’ve never had seitan sliced like this, so good. also has fantastic vegan pizza and other sandwiches.
winner of the best vegan cheesesteak in philadelphia 2014

bourbon and branch
705 n. 2nd st
vegan seitan cheesesteak.
as of 12/18 this was my favorite cheesesteak in the city. great roll, vegan cheese, the works. 

breezy’s cafe  CLOSED

2011 reed st,  1200 point breeze ave, 267.858.4186
seitan, vegan cheese, veganaise, peppers, onions on an awesome roll. plenty of other solid veggie&vegan options at this point breeze gem.

citizens bank park
vegadelphia meat. their sign now says “vegetarian c/s” probably because the roll is not vegan and they don’t have vegan cheese.

cantina dos segundos
931 n. 2nd
vegan cheesesteak burrito. seitan carne asada, daiya cheese, fried yuca
it’s a beast.

caribou shack
3411 chestnut st
notes from a reader: delivery only, but a delicious menu of vegan options

reading terminal market

citimarket place
1318 walnut
vegadelphia meat w/optional non-vegan soy cheese, vegenaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, salt and pepper. the staff is great and they’ve got a lot of other veggie items. 

40th and spruce st.
veggie burger in cheesesteak form

evan’s pizza
4311 locust st

fergie’s pub
1214 sansom street
seitan. they no longer have vegan cheese or vegan mac and cheese. it’s pretty good… but it used to be great. now it’s salty. sigh. their wings are still good though.

fino’s pizzeria
6784 germantown ave

govindas gourmet to go
1408 south street, 215-985-9303
great sandwich. vegan cheese. i recommend a chicken cheese steak with pepper steak sauce, it’s messy but worth it.

200 s. 40th
portobello cheesesteak, probably not worth the $11 without the cheddar, but i haven’t had it. 

hibiscus juice bar
4907 catherine st(at baltimore)

127 s. 18th / 214 s. 40th / 121 s. broad st
awesome cheesesteak – with mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and a vegan cheese sauce. everything else is just as great there. go now.

hobo coffee shack
2617 jenkintown rd, glenside

houston hall
upenn dining hall between 34th and 35th
the grill has a veggie cheesesteak and the crepe place has fake beef and chicken crepes – both vegadelphia meat

interstate draft house
1235 e. palmer st

isabella pizza
1824 east passyunk
classic philly veggie cheesesteak made with chunks of seitan.

jerry’s kitchen
food truck

joe’s steaks
frankford and girard
“vegan cheesesteak”

johnny brenda’s
1201 n. frankford ave

sometimes they have a seitan cheesesteak on special. but it’s on a non-vegan “butter roll”. so it’s essentially worthless and i shouldn’t even have mentioned it. sigh.
probably not worth mentioning anymore

koch’s deli
4309 locust st
veggie steak made from soy, with choice of beef or chicken

little pete’s
2418 fairmount ave
no vegan cheese and not sure about the roll. but they’ve had their “veggie steak with fried onions and green peppers” on the menu for years

magic carpet
carts at 36th and spruce and 34th and walnut
on a wrap

mi lah vegetarian
615 s. 3rd st
great roll, delicious cheese sauce, peppers and mushrooms. apparently now uses vegadelphia meat instead of seitan. 

milkboy philly
corner of 11th and chestnut
it looks like they replaced their veggie steak with a cheese heavy “roasted mushroom and seitan” sandwich.

monks cafe
263 s. 16th
seitan cheesesteak with onions and mushrooms.

morning glory diner
735 s. 10th at fitzwater

the nile cafe
6008 germantown ave

palm tree market
717 n. 2nd st.
115 levering st.(manyunk)
1940 pine st.
901 s. 2nd(at christian)

pdubbs(pizza. wings. steaks.)
3233 powelton ave
vegan wings and steak.
notes from a reader:
uses Teese, vegan cheese by chicago vegan foods inc., used to have tofu ricotta, but no longer does; make mostly everything in house, meaning they can customize almost any pizza they have to be vegan. Can watch food being made, due to small size. No idea about their roll, but hoping it is vegan because it is delicious. 100% Definite cross contamination for those who are not okay with that.

pete’s famous pizza
116 n. 21st st
2328 w. fairmount
veggie steak and veggie chicken steak
“100% Vegetarian (low cholesterol and high protein)
Veggie Lean Steaks are Vegan
Includes Fried Onions & Green Peppers”

the pope(pub on passyunk east)
1501 e. passyunk ave
this is a great veggie steak. a little greasy, optional homemade cashew vegan cheese.

ricks steaks
16th and chestnut moved to kennett square(148 w. state st)
vegadelphia meat but with some classic philly love put into it.

the royal tavern
937 e. passyunk ave.
this is definitely my favorite vegan cheesesteak in the city.
seitan, mushrooms, fried onions, and vegan cheese on a roll that’s to die for — it reminds me of the formica brothers bread from atlantic city.
winner 2015 best vegan cheesesteak in philly 

sabrina’s cafe
910 christian st.
seitan. served with long hots and mushrooms. this may have been the first veggie steak i had in philly about 10 years ago. as classic as the royal’s tempeh club.

saffron indian cuisine
1214 walnut st.
an indian veggie chicken cheesesteak.

spruce rana gourmet market
corner of 11th and spruce
vegadelphia meat.

steve’s steaks
corner 7th and south street
vegadelphia meat.

sugar’s(formerly sugar moms) CLOSED
225 church st, between 2nd and 3rd just north of market

sumo steaks
2805 n. 22nd st

taproom on 19th
2400 S. 19th, at ritner
roasted maitake, vegan whiz, cacia’s hoagie roll

the tasty
1401 s. 12th st
veggie steak with vegan cheese.

tattooed moms
530 south st
veggie steak and veggie chicken steak.

teri’s CLOSED
1126 s. 9th st, in the italian market just south of washington
vegan steaks with daiya cheese. the closest i’ve found to a sloppy philly cheesesteak since gianna’s.

triangle tavern
1338 s. 10th st
similar in style to the royal’s(same owners) except very, very salty. their wings are awesome though

1221 locust st.
“maitake steak wit”

vegan commissary  CLOSED
1703 s. 11th st(by morris st.)

go there now(though there’s no guarantee this amazing sandwich is still on the menu)

vegan tree
742 south st.

veggie lovers
225 n. 11th
vegetarian chinese spot in chinatown that has a veggie cheesesteak

village kitchen and pizzeria CLOSED
825 s. 4th st, at the corner of queen and 4th
vegan chicken or regular steaks with vegadelphia meat. they also have vegadelphia vegan crab cakes, btw.

wiz kid
2001 pennsylvania ave(whole foods)
126 s. 19th(next to v street)
fast food vegan shop from the people behind vedge and v street. obviously it’s amazing. 

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